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Jan. 17th, 2010

ncaa sucks


Why Orrin Hatch Can STFU

I wrote this in my personal LJ the other day and meant to cross post here but forgot. So here ya go and Roll Tide. :)


Wanting to improve the system is one thing. Calling into question the legitimacy of Alabama's latest championship, however, is absurd.

Senator Orrin Hatch today urged President Obama to invite the Boise St. football team to the White House alongside Alabama, "arguing both undefeated teams deserve the honor traditionally afforded to college football’s national champion."

Senator Hatch is from Utah. Utah got the BCS shaft last season. As a result, Hatch "urged Obama to ask the Justice Department to investigate whether the BCS violated antitrust laws."

Sour grapes much?

There's been a huge movement recently about ditching the BCS and instituting a playoff instead. Maybe we should. After all, I'm no fan of the BCS. (Or the NCAA, for that matter.)

However, that does not mean Alabama's latest national championship is in any way "invalid." Why? Because we won 12 games, won our conference championship game against then #1 Florida, then won again at the Rose Bowl against then #2 Texas.

Alabama does not apologize for winning 14 games, and Alabama does not apologize for the NCAA's system of scheduling "postseason" games.

It might be news to a lot of people, but plenty of teams have gotten the shaft before when it comes to championships. I will give you one example - the 1966 Alabama Crimson Tide. Here's the short version. The Tide went 11-0 in 1966, and destroyed #6 Nebraska in the Sugar Bowl. Not only that, Alabama was the current two-time defending champion of college football. But the AP, in their infinite wisdom, decided to award their crown to Notre Dame, a team that went 9-0-1, tying #2 Michigan St. (also 9-0-1) in their last game.

How does an 11-0 two-time defending national champion Alabama team finish #3 in the country behind two 9-0-1 teams? Some say it was simple Northern bias against the South. Some say it was Gov. Wallace's segregationist policies. (Alabama's football team was not integrated until years later.) There is no clear answer. Adding to the confusion, the NCAA itself lists Alabama as a 1966 national champion (though not the sole champion).

Keep on digging and you will find many other examples of championship shafting, some in the distant past (1964 Arkansas), some in the not so distant past (2004 Auburn).

There's also been a lot of talk about how many national championships Alabama claims (13). The AP recognizes far fewer. Of course, the AP did not exist when Alabama won their first few, so how can the AP be the sole measurement? Other organizations that did exist back then, and did award championships, do not exist now. You might expect Alabama to claim the 1966 season as one of the 13, but you'd be wrong.

The point is, this unclean method of crowning the college football national champion is not new. The problem has been around since college football itself. Should Boise St. (and Utah) feel slighted? Sure. The only answer I have for them is to keep winning. Alabama didn't win its national championships by crying to the press and lobbying Congress to change the rules. Alabama just won. Continually. Consistency wins votes. Fairly or not, votes are what you need to win a championship.

And votes, by the way, are all Orrin Hatch is after.

Dec. 27th, 2009

misc ; logic vs chaos


Big Moments 2000-2009

(click the graphic for link)

This picspam includes life-altering moments and some firsts for me. It doesn’t include every year from 2000-2009, just the ones that will always hold significance to me.

Included are my obsessions with The O.C., Kelly Rowan, and Alabama Football.

Aug. 19th, 2009

Joey Heisman


SportsLife 2009 College Football Season Preview: The SEC

The conference that is seemingly the king of the mountain in NCAA football, the Southeastern Conference, has yet again produced the National Champion, for the third time in three years, and once again, it’s the Tim Tebow & Urban Meyer-led Florida Gators. It truly must be great to be a Florida Gator, but will it be again this year? Do the Crimson Tide of Alabama have the bodies to make up for their losses in players moving on to the NFL? Can the LSU Tigers once again let the nation hear the roar of the Bayou Bengals? Are the Bulldogs of UGA ready to finally be the National Title threat they have been billed as? Who are the dark horses? With no further ado, we begin our 2009 College Football Preview with the SEC. READ MORE HERE.

Feb. 27th, 2009

big damn hero


Crimson Tide iPhone App Now Available

According to Ell over at Bama Sports Report, "Josh Denmark has launched the very first Alabama-themed iPhone app. Search the AppStore for 'Crimson Tide'. It’s got the football schedule, the roster and staff in this version. Best of all, it’s free."

I don't own an iPhone, but I agree with Ell that this app is long overdue!

x-posted to uofalabama

Jan. 10th, 2009

roll tide 2


Gymnastics is still pretty good

The Crimson Tide has now beaten Auburn 96 times in a row in gymnastics. The last time Auburn won a meet against Alabama was 1979. That's pretty incredible!


Dec. 12th, 2008

ncaa sucks


I'm tired of those Bryan hot dog commercials anyway.

I know we're all still neck deep in Alabama football (it'll be so awesome saying that in January, too), but has anyone noticed how awful the basketball team is? After being picked to win the SEC West, the Tide promptly lost to Mercer and Oregon. Wins include FAMU, Chaminade (who?), St. Joe's, Alabama A&M, and LA Lafayette.

I had the misfortune of watching some of the Alabama A&M game live on WVUA here in town, and folks... I honestly can't explain how bad it was. A&M was within 2 points with 1:30 left in the game. A questionable offensive foul on an A&M player allowed us to finally put it away.

We are rewarded with an RPI ranking of... wait for it... 232. There are 343 Div. I teams. We are in the bottom half, and it's not even close. Alabama Basketball Blog has a list of all the SEC teams and their RPI ranking. The next closest is Georgia, long a joke program, at 198. Yeah, 34 spots higher. We are dead last. Auburn, another joke program, is 77. And that's with a record of 4-4! At least they lost to Mercer, too.

And Tide fans, when I'm typing lines like "at least they lost to Mercer, too," you know times are bad.

I think it's fairly obvious that Mark Gottfried is a decent recruiter, but can't coach worth a lick. (Sound like an old football coach we had?) I'm not saying there's a Nick Saban of basketball out there waiting for us to come calling, but I think we can do better. I think it's time.

Fire Mark Gottfried?

This year is his last chance...

Dec. 3rd, 2008


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