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wyldprincess85 in roll_tide

another joke

From another email received today

Four football fans climb a mountain - a Tennessee fan, an Georgia fan, a Alabama fan & an Auburn fan. They argued all the way up the mountain about who was the most "die hard" fan. When they reached the top, the UT fan proclaimed to the other three, "This is for the Vols!" and threw himself off the mountain as a sacrifice, screaming "Rocky Top" as he fell to his death. Not to be out done by the Tennessee fan, the Georgia fan jumped up and shouted, "Go Dogs--Sic'em!" and threw himself off the mountain yelling, "Glory Glory to Old Georgia" as he fell to his death.

Refusing to be outdone by UT and UGA fans, the Alabama fan jumped to his feet and yelled, "THIS IS FOR THE TIDE!" and without any hesitation pushed the Auburn fan off the mountain shouting, "Fly you damn war eagle, Fly!"