Rhett (crimsontyde375) wrote in roll_tide,

Things that make you go hmmmm.

Both coaches coached at 3 universities before coming to Alabama.

Both coaches coached 1 year at their first coaching job.

Both coaches came to the University of Alabama with 91 wins.

Both coaches won their 100th game in their 2nd season at Alabama.

The 100th win was against Tulane for both coaches. Even more interesting is the total points in the game against Tulane…you guessed it, the same (26) for Bryant 19-7, Saban 20-6.

Both coaches struggled with going to the pros. Bryant changed his mind, Saban did not, but it was the same team, the Miami Dolphins, and it led to both getting back to Alabama.

ALABAMA was the second stop in the SEC for both of them and will most likely be where they will end

(from a reliable source but may need to be checked for accuracy)
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